Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Endings with Bricks and Lines

The link to my new video dance work, at little late in coming to this blog; but any regular bloggers may have noticed my infrequent approach to the activity. So to the dance film, feel free to leave comments on the Vimeo page or here. I've had some interesting responses so far, including notions of suicide which surprised me in that I had not seen that possible outcome; but hey its art so tell me what you think.

What is.... going on?

Endings with Bricks and Lines

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Where have I been?! And whats coming up?

Its been some time since I posted here, Ill not go in to too much detail but suffice to say the start of my MA has like many studies been full of academia, reading and writing. But finally the time to connect with an audience is returning. 
In the next few weeks Ill be filming a new dance work at a variety of locations in Driffield East Yorkshire, the dance connects my last work 'It Never Lasts for Long with Bricks and Lines' with the history of Driffield and my ongoing developing dance practice. 
For those a little less dance initiated, its getting weirder, a bit closer to home and a lot more fun (for me for sure). 

These images are just small selection of the locations I plan to film, note the the dry square patch under the bridge. So long as health and safety rules don't spoil the fun, all I need now is a film crew and the 'ok you wont kill yourself or others' from the University (ignore the danger of death sign in the image above) and its time to shoot.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Graduation Day

 Here are a few pictures from my Graduation day, it was a great day well spent with Mum, Dad and the wife in waiting. All in all a beautiful day (as can be expected in North East England) at the Scarborough Spa and a real honour to graduate from the University of Hull alongside great friends; here is to the future.
Of course I had to have a little fun, we did all look like we were at Hogwarts after all. 

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Some images from my portfolio.

My BA in Theatre and Dance is now finished and I graduate in less than a week. Thank you to all those that supported me over
Image by Neil Warhurst 2012
 the last three years and thanks to those that came to see my work. Whats next? Well I am hoping to study for an MA at Scarborough and I am planning to continue developing my work to perform at arts festivals; so hopefully I will be coming to a venue near you!

Want to get in touch? Drop me an email at gunieapigarts@gmail.com
Image by Neil Warhurst 2012

Sunday, 29 April 2012

It Never Lasts For Long With Bricks & Lines

Not the clearest footage and of course not as good as the live event, but this is the footage I got. Perhaps I will get the opportunity to perform the work again and so many more may yet get to see it.