Monday, 24 October 2011

Finally the Beginning!

A curious title that is probably more interesting than the blog that follows it, but if I have your attention dear reader than perhaps I should welcome you.


Now that the welcomes are done and everyone who reads this feels like its ok that they did, I suppose you expect something of value for having done so. Well I am sorry but its early days for my 'new' project, so much so that it doesn't even have a name yet and still gets 'new' written or said whenever I bring it up; so lets call it........ 'Resolution' for now. To be honest I'd rather call it 'Project Susan' but this project is a serious one for a real degree, my degree; so I'd best try to be sensible.

But what if I was not sensible?

What if my insensible nature was to destroy my work?

Well fortunately that's the most basic element of the project. My dancers and I will be looking at how destructive experiences affect our bodies and how the way we move changes, then at the end of our lengthy investigation all you lovely people that form our audience get to see a smashing dance within a live art performance! At least that is the theory.

So I hope you will keep checking for irregular updates (some may even have pictures) as the project matures towards the performance date that should be sometime in April 2012.

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