Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wow its been a long time!

And a lot has happened. Sorry to disappoint you my many readers :p, it has been a hectic 6 months; as I'm sure anyone who has been a student in their final year understands.
Anyway the project; much has changed its now to be a solo performance, its a shame to not be working with the lovely Emily Loombe and Tasmin Phillips but sometimes logistics decide these things. Over the last few months I have been very busy, developing the work from material developed in experimental sessions and my various dance interests and experience. Here is a snippet of whats been going on.

This segment of the work is inspired by my time with Mehmet Sander at Fierce Festival 2012, a big thanks to Mehmet for all the great experiences at Fierce working on the Impact project and the starting of a great friendship.

How does this fit with the rest of the work? Well thematically it does so seemlessly, but practically? I could say the 'Impact' has fragmented the whole work in a way I am finding very exciting and I hope you do too.

2 weeks to go, 30 spaces for audience members and hopefully 20 minutes of good art dance; wish me luck!

More coming soon.


  1. Ha ha got to love my make shift dance studio :D

  2. Good luck sir, I am sure it will go swimmingly.

  3. By swimmingly he is refering to your dance studio and it's rain ;) Good luck chief!